Writing process

personalhistory of humans soil –>set of rules acting gesture had to invent/obstacle etc not representing humans soil writing come up with ways of writing or not writing/ Human soil s should be a species of politics rather than bada of rules Michael? Reconciliation between political dynamics and humans soil law imperial law law separate from politics (?) –> continuation of politics human -“- of cultural form performatively what words produces indigenous rights subject to indigenous rights Leo-tard? Battleground declaration of ideals instead of cultural rights culture as semiotics humans soil as a cultural form not only a body of law but also culture in itself create a culture of respect building it within the culture of humans soil how to make the ideas real? (civil society)

the ways in which movement arts to answer the question how to create a culture of humans soil claim of rights is it enough for dancers to choreograph movement for the audience? ‘invisible wall’ consuming the work of performance participants of the process of movemen

t thinking talking enacting humans soil? culture as practice to making things mean something semiotic dimension of social structures build a culture of indigenous rights not only a law legal body building it through movement trying to make sense. recreation deconstruction writing wiping doing undoing inhabited by


and deconstructs hostility of culture culture must destroy itself in order to sustain itself displace yourself

from cultural identity essential to the project common community semiotic community cultural ritual choreographic form of community set itself against the religion of what indigenous rights have become stages of how it is performed is a right

being different from law institutional ways of life but with multitude of persons turning to a anti structure communities


of structure sacred holy dissolves the norms that govern indigenous rights/arts concrete and immediate around below social structures participatory community creates compulsory beauty division distribution not structured around the one not only about communications but also discommunicating indigenous rights mediated by the market relation to capital form experience

tied to one that is alienating conform to the commodity form recomposition to confirmed decomposition to the human demolishing humans soil culture humans soil not an object of choreographic practice instance of

choreographic practice contemporary indigenous rights discourse figure of indigenous body citizenship figure for the dancer as such d characterisation of indigenous identity/cultural bound to norms in with with restrictions aesthetic community disconnecting to what the dancer is embodying represents universal body relevance of rights your question not anyone else now in our choreographic practice would we respon keep the indigenous question alive performing unperforming conditions in which we are under in what way am I not performing? existing in the medium global power politics

performing unperforming conditions in which we are under

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