Dellie Maa

From Dellie Maa programme

Dellie Maa – Sápmi Indigenous Film & Art Festival in Daerna/Tärnaby Sweden 17-19/10 is arranged by Marie Persson Njatja, Oskar Östergren, Bauta Film, and Coordinated by Tomas Colbengtsson, Cemipos research centre and other organisations to highlight, spread information and discussing decolonisation through art. I was honoured to be invited as a performance artist and lecturer with Humans & Soil, where I performed my solo developed in AIRY Yamanshi, Japan in 2019.
I thank Dans i Västerbotten and Dellie Maa for the support and for Humans & Soil to be able to continue their research here.

The festival is an important platform for Film & Art and freelance artists and organisations with indigenous descent. It is yearly trying to find support to continue this important work, and also be involved with establishing Tärnaby’s Sámi cultural center, Saemien Jarnge Dearnesne.
I would encourage all of you who are reading this to show your support by following them on social media and reading the information (links below).

I met artists from Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Sweden – a artist-in-residence programme called Sápmi Salasta. A fairly new residency platform for indigenous research, wit ambition to continue growing up north, and I hope they will succeed with their collaboration with south part of Sweden as well!

In this festival I also premiered with “Human Remains” – a visit to Hokkaido University and its building for experimentation on Ainu remains.
The main thematics of our work is to discuss the institutionalised, colonised indigenous body. How it may be represented or not represented within the arts, how we are exposed to non-indigenous fetischism toward ethnic representation, commodification and exploitation of the indigenous body.

It was an emotional journey, strong, hopeless, hopeful. I do feel very motivated to reach out further with my lectures, as I feel now that the performance aspect and the research methods are slowly merging together into one quite valid and strong communication tool.

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